Hair Cloning

V-clone is a new technique and it in the development stage. It is entirely different from other hair loss treatment. In Hair cloning extracting healthy follicular cells or dermal papillae from the hair healthy areas of the head and that will be cloned by different methods. Then the newly produced cells injected in the bald scalp.

The cloning (multiplication) method is under research & results are not proven . vplant team is working on it & hopefully soon this technique is available in india.

Advantages Of Hair Cloning

  • In cloning we can create sufficient amount of hair, but in transplantation it requires donor hair that was a great challenge.
  • Hair cloning can also lessen the procedure time because there is no longer a need to painstakingly remove several donor grafts.
  • Less invasive / no pain
  • This also leaves a smaller scar as opposed to the usual linear scar that runs across the back of the scalp.