Hair Loss & Hair Thinning, Mesotherapy

Hair Fall / Thinning Kit

V Grow Hair Fall / Thinning Kit Is A Specially Design For Ongoing Hair Loss& Hair Thinning Both For Men & Women. It Contain Specific Ingredients & Growth Factor To Tackle Main Causes Of Hair Loss / Thinning Like

  • Hormone Imbalances In And Around The Hair Follicle
  • Reduced Blood Circulation
  • Give Extra Nourishment To Hair Roots. It Also Improves Quality &Texture Of Your Hair.

Meso+ (Mesotherapy + Laser)

Mesotherapy Is A Non-Invasive Technique Based On Superficial Microinjections, Just Below The Epidermis, Into The Target Tissues.

Mesotherapy Is A Treatment That Stimulates The Mesoderm, Which Relieves A Wide Variety Of Symptoms And Ailments.

The Solution Injected Can Contain A Wide Range Of Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids ,Co-Enzymes & Growth Factors That Can Be Tailored To Each Patient's Individual Needs.

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss Is Used With Great Success In India. The Treatment Is Virtually Painless And Safe When Done Professionally. There Is No Dressing Or Local Anesthesia Required. After The Treatment You Can Just Go Back To Work.

Today We Know That Mesotherapy Is As Effective Or More Effective Than Tablets In Hair Rejuvenation And Restoration.

Mesotherapy Brings Just The Right Materials To The Exact Place Where It Is Needed (Around The Hair Follicle) So That

  • The Hair Follicle Can Grow And Survive
  • The Excess Of Dht (Dihydrotestosterone) Is Neutralized And
  • The Blood Circulation Is Stimulated.
Our In-House Patented Technique Meso+ Is Combination Of Mesotherapy Followed By Advance Laser Treatment Which Gives Faster & Long Lasting Results.
Prp ( Pletlet Rich Plasma ) Hair Loss Treatments By Vplant Can Help Men & Women To:

  • Prevent Further Hair Loss & Thinning.
  • Regrow Thinning Hair Thicker, Fuller And Healthier.
  • Boost The Health & Condition Of The Scalp.
  • Prepare The Scalp And Skin For The Stress Of Surgery (If Required)
  • Accelerate The Recovery Of The Scalp And Skin After Surgery Or A Hair Transplant. (If Required)
In Hair Transplantation, Prp Can Be Injected Into Or Sprayed On The Recipient Site Area To, Stimulate The Healing Of The Transplanted Grafts & Increase Blood Circulation And Into The Donor Area To Facilitate Healing Of The Donor Incision

Our In-House Patented Technique Prp+ Is Combination Of Prpfollowed By Advance Laser Treatment Which Gives Faster & Long Lasting Results