Hair loss treatment – Laser hair therapy

Laser light therapy is a non-surgical infrared process with no side effect, in which low level laser light is used to re-grow hair. Photons are irradiated into the weak cells so that they can regain their health. It helps to regain the functionality of the tissue and it return to its regular process. The success of the laser therapy is depend on the person, his health conditions, the present amount of hair loss, if their any other treatment under gone, etc.

Laser hair treatment therapy improve cell activity and allows more nutrients to the hair follicles it improve hair growth. It stimulates the blood supply in the scalp. Laser penetrates deep into the tissues of the scalp, stimulating circulation of the blood. Clinical studies suggest that this activity breaks down the collection of DHT and thereby helping to stop Hair Loss.

To describe it more easily is first understand the basics of hair growth and its natural cycle. Each hair on one's head grows several years. The root exists there for few weeks, and then a new hair re-grows. This is cycle it continues throughout live of each person. When aging done, shedding of the hair is fast and re-grow become slow, resulting thinning hair and baldness. When laser treatment applies it regenerate the hair roots and degenerate the previous life cycle. It is an effective treatment of Hair Loss when applied in conjunction with proper scalp and hair products.

It has a device containing therapeutic soft low light level lasers. Laser Hair Loss Treatment functions on the same principle as that of photo biotherapy.

Laser thereby has great effect on hair loss treatment, Now it is common procedure and it is used by even most common hair clinics. Laser therapy stimulate hair growth and fight against hair loss and thinning It is applied in combination with other hair treatments, in hair transplantation process, in Vplant advance hair treatment, kochi apply the laser therapy along with the transplantation to boost the transplanted follicles to grow, it helps to improve the functionality of the follicle.

In the treatment of androgenetic alopecia a low level laser treatment is applied. androgenetic alopecia is form of hair loss, due to this there appears small bald patches on the scalp.

In laser hair therapy it will not be effective in dead follicles to grow. If you have hair follicles on your scalp, there is still a chance that you can help increase regrowth. It will stimulate hair regrowth and make the hair thicker and fuller, and allow to grow a more complete head of hair.