Most Advance Diode Hair Growth Laser System

Most Advance Diode Hair Growth Laser System (Sh-650)

Introduces first time in india in combination with Prp + & Meso +for Faster, Better & Assured result

Photo-biological therapy ensures a safe and effective way to accelerate blood circulation and stimulate the cell metabolism and protein synthesization and tissue regeneration. In several weeks, they will come out with a visible improvement. Photo-biological therapy will increase the hair density by 40%-60% and it shows a 85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss.

Principles of Treatment

  • Laser light uses the scientific principle of photo-biotherapy. This process occurs when cells absorb light and repair themselves. Laser light penetrates deep into the tissues of the scalp, (it doesn’t penetrate bone), stimulating microcirculation of blood supply, cell metabolism and protein synthesizes. Clinical studies suggest that this cellular and sub-cellular activity breaks down the collection of dht, helping to stop hair loss.
  • Laser light stimulate the energy available to cells so they take in nutrients faster and get rid of waste products.
  • Circulation, increases blood and lymph circulation through vasodilatation. Microscopic studies have shown laser increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood to the scalp and hair bulb. Laser also removes calcification and blockages around the hair bulb; as well as increases cell replacement activity. Laser helps to improve hair in fullness , shine, body and elasticity.

Laser Comb

Laser Comb is a revolutionary method in the treatment for hair loss & hair growth, it provides low-level laser energy that stimulates the enlivens hair follicles promoting new hair growth. With consistent use, its result result can be seen in 16 weeks. (based on clinical studies)

This laser comb features a sleek ergonomic design with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery which enable a freedom of movement as you treat your hair.

The V-Laser Comb works directly on your scalp by parting your hair with two rows of teeth. The teeth are aligned with a row of laser beams. The teeth part your hair forming a clear path for the light to reach the scalp during use. Simply use the laser comb on thin areas of the scalp for 10 -15 minutes, three times per week. Though not ideal for the treatment of advanced hair, the V-Laser Comb is a convenient method to obtain the very best results after hair restoration surgery and to maintain existing hair.